Karen trained at Drama Studio London. She is a London-based actor with a great ear for accents. Theatre work has seen her perform in a wide spectrum of genres, including the classical works of both Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde to new writing and exciting contemporary work. 
Her style and tone is versatile and elastic and she really delivers on emotional truth.

Karen is also a Writer and is soon to have her first piece published in a collection of monologues entitled Common, which is being published by Team Angelica alongside Rikki Beadle Blair.

Karen has a fully operational home recording studio.

Voice Description:

Karen has a bright London voice (despite both her parents being very Scottish), and she has a warmth and sincerity to her voice that make you feel like you’re in safe hands. 
Karen has a fantastic ear for accents, and within 24 hours she can master any accent you ask of her.

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