NAME:                             Anna-Maria Everett

VOICE RANGE:              35- 50

HOME STUDIO:              Yes

NATURAL LANGUAGE:  English/ Bi-Lingual Italian

ACCENT:                         London (native), English Neutral


DESCRIPTION:               Upbeat, warm  & relatable

                                         Natural, down to earth delivery
                                         Versatile yet distinctive


Anna-Maria is a London born character Actress & Voice Artist celebrating 26 yrs in the Industry, working extensively in TV/FILM/THEATRE/COMMERCIAL/ADR & more recently Audio Drama.

With her infectious laughter, strong character skills and impeccable comic timing she is probably best known for her comedy roles, notably Florinda  in Episodes and  Zob, The Bearded Lady in The Durrells 3


With a seasoned good ear for regional, Mediterranean & International Accents, thanks to her Italian Parentage Anna-Maria is also Bi-Lingual Italian & Neaopolitan.


Recent Acting Credits : Elena,The Hitman’s Wife’s BodyGuard (Millenium Films/Lionsgate): Donna,(Multi Episodic)The Split (BBC); Pearl Winters, Bafta nominated Through The Gates (CH4) Commare Lydia, Holy Cannelloni (Bluebird Films)


Anna-Maria is currently in Production enjoying  the challenge of narrating 23 U.S & Italian Characters for U.S Author Renee Carter Johnson’s  Audio Book, Behind The Mask with Wild Rose Press.


Recent Audio Credits:

AudibleOriginals: Killer By Nature, Kirsty’s Mum/Doctor/Old Woman

Big Finish: The Tony & Cassandra Mysteries (Volume 1), Karmina Sonata/Sister Lucy Kincaid/ Peggy Duntroon/ Veronica Phelps

Penguin Books:  Liz Nugent’s Skin Deep, Chiara



The Split; The Durrells

Call The Midwife;You Me & The Apocalypse; Tombraider; Never Let Me Go; Nine

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Sister Lucy Kincaid - The Mystery at Crucifix Heights (click to play):

Veronica Phelps - The Mystery Of Flight 493 (click to play):

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